High Purity Welding Using Oxygen Monitor With Bluetooth Technology

New technology like Bluetooth can be used to wirelessly transfer data to make it easier for the operator to document the welding process. Aquasol Corporation manufactured the revolutionary Pro OX-100B, a handheld digital oxygen monitor with Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth technology operates by connecting two devices together using short-term wireless communication technology. This universal Bluetooth technology is becoming more useful in the workplace. The Pro OX-100B provides a wireless work environment enhancing efficiency. With Bluetooth transmitting capabilities, cords and clutter are eliminated from the workspace. pro ox 100b oxygen weld monitor

The Pro OX-100B increases efficiency and productivity in the welding industry. This product saves time as the data from the Pro OX 100B is wirelessly uploaded to any compatible device. This eliminates the inconvenience of downloading data to a device after every use. The oxygen monitor also features an unlimited data logging; creating permanent records on a connected device. This makes it easy to record and set up separate sheets for each welding project. These separate sheets can be categorized by client and date. The welder, company, and its clients can see exactly what the oxygen levels for a specific project was by accessing these records. This simplifies the quality control procedure as accurate records are maintained with date and time stamp. Other pertinent data, such as work order, operator, etc. can be documented accordingly to meet ISO/OC procedures.

The Pro OX-100B aids welders’ productivity with the ability to place a device at a range of 100 feet (30 meters) from the actual site of oxygen level reading. Before welding, the operator creates a purge chamber with purge dams or inflatable bladders. Inert gases like argon are filled into the purge chamber to fill the surrounding atmosphere, forcing oxygen to evacuate from the root gap, eliminating the possible problem of oxidation. The Pro OX-100B is set up on the support stand with the stainless steel probe inserted into the root gap to obtain an oxygen level reading.

On continuous mode the monitor records current oxygen level in ppm (parts per million) in real time. In order for the operator to start welding, the typical oxygen levels must reduce between 1,000 and 100 ppm. The Light Indicator and Audiovisual Alarm feature allows operators to engage in other tasks until a specific oxygen level is reached.

When connected with Bluetooth, the operator is also aware of the different oxygen levels with its Intelligent Color Notification System. This system is a universal traffic light appearance for simple comprehension. The operator can customize the range of oxygen content in ppm associated with Go (green), Caution (amber), and Stop (red). The Pro OX-100B can also be operated in English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. With numerous capabilities, this device is the most universal oxygen weld monitor on the global market today.

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