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Liquifilm is a completely biodegradable, water soluble purge film that can be used as a purge gas barrier during TIG welding and is a highly effective alternative when total purging is impractical or too costly. Flexible and robust, Liquifilm can be used on stainless, duplex, and chromium steels as well as titanium alloys.

Available in 1 x 20 meter rolls center-folded or wound on a core, this transparent film can be cut to the desired size for any pipe diameter. Liquifilm can be punctured for gas inlets and outlets with little risk of tearing and has high-force resistance enabling the weld area to maintain a greater level of positive pressure.

Liquifilm can be placed in close proximity to the weld zone, then dissolved with hot or cold water or steam that is introduced through the pipe. Less inert gas will be used, ultimately leading to lower costs for the overall welding operation. An impenetrable purge barrier, Liquifilm is suitable for nuclear, aerospace, and other applications.


Features & Benefits

Impenetrable Purge Barrier

  • Excellent barrier for retaining noble gas (argon or argon/helium mix)

Flexible and Robust

  • For use on stainless, duplex and chromium steels and titanium alloys
  • Can be punctured for gas inlets and outlets with little risk of tearing
  • High resistance to pressure, allowing for greater positive pressure to be maintained in weld area


  • Transparency allows for ease of viewing during welding process

Ease of Removal

  • Rapidly dissolves in hot or cold water
  • Leaves no residue in the pipeline


  • Suitable for nuclear, aerospace, and other applications

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How Liquifilm Works


Clean inside of pipe, removing contaminants from surface





Apply Liquifilm Water Soluble Adhesive to inside of pipe. Thoroughly coat the entire circumference of the pipe surface where film is to be placed.




Trace and Cut

Trace pipe’s inner diameter by pressing Liquifilm along pipe edge, creating an impression. Then fold to form a 90° angle. Cut Liquifilm in a circle around the impression, approximately one-third times greater than pipe diameter.





Press glossy surface of Liquifilm against tacky adhesive inside the pipe to create an air tight seal. If required, puncture a small hole in the center of the purge dam to allow oxygen to escape or dissipate through the root gap.

Liquifilm Water Soluble Purge Film and Adhesive

Product Item No Description Dimensions Case Pack
English Metric
icon_0000_Layer-3 ASWF-1/2ORG Liquifilm Water Soluble Film Kit 39" x 65' 1 m x 20 m 12
icon_0002_Layer-5 ASWF-1/2OB Liquifilm Water Soluble Film Brick Format 39" x 65' 1 m x 20 m 12
icon_0001_Layer-4 AWSG-500 Liquifilm Water Soluble Adhesive 16 fl oz 500 ml/bottle 24
icon_0003_Layer-6 AWSG-250 Liquifilm Water Soluble Adhesive 8 fl oz 250 ml/bottle 48



Liquifilm dissolves completely in aqueous based liquids. Please contact Aquasol for more information.


Liquifilm is completely transparent, allowing the user to easily view the root gap while welding.


Liquifilm is a water soluble PVA film designed to provide exceptional tensile strength and tear resistance. It has excellent resistance to oil, grease, petroleum hydrocarbons and other common solvents used during weld purging applications.

Melting Point

LiquiFilm is a clear, translucent water soluble film with a melting point from 160°C (320°F) to 220°C (428°F). It will thermally decompose at 300°C.

Non-Toxic and Non-Corrosive

Liquifilm adhesive is free of substances regarded as harmful to stainless steel and other metal pipes.

Certification and Safety

Liquifilm is in compliance with all specifications mandated by U.S. facilities such as U.S. Nuclear Power Plants, U.S. Food Processing Plants, and U.S. Water Chemical Treatment Plants.  It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Liquifilm is void of any ingredients that are considered hazardous according to OSHA criteria.


As stated on the United States Department of Labor website, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created by the USA Congress in 1970 to provide standards for healthy and safe work environments. OSHA enforces these standards through training, outreach, education and assistance. Liquifilm does not contain any hazardous ingredients according to OSHA criteria.

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Liquifilm is available in both brick and kit formats. The kit contents include Liquifilm Water Soluble Film Wound on Core, two 250 ml bottles of Liquifilm Water Soluble Adhesive, a cutting knife and an instruction sheet.