Celebrating National Welding Month

National Welding MonthApril is National Welding Month; it’s a time to recognize and appreciate the impact welding has on our daily lives. Aquasol works with skilled professionals in industries such as power generation, pipeline laying and fabrication, petrochemical, shipbuilding, vessel/tank fabrication, cell tower fabrication, and many more. These sectors provide core products and services for continued economic productivity throughout the world.

Many people never realize the volume of work done in the background just to ensure that the lights stay on. Even something as simple as buying a gallon of milk at the store is a process which is impacted by these essential industries. Pipelines supply petrochemical refineries with raw material to create the plastic that will make the jugs. The milk itself is moved through pipework and pasteurized in tanks which have some of the most robust welding standards and regulations. The gallons of milk is then transported in trucks which have frames and parts that have been welded. There are even more steps, structures, and products that could be mentioned in the process but the point is clear; welding touches almost every aspect of our lives.

Aquasol supports welders with innovative products and technical support so the job is done right. We focus our energies on advancing purging technology for welding. Purging is the process of flushing oxygen out of a pipe, tank, or similar structure using inert gas to avoid oxidation of the metal; it is a critical step for many jobs that were often overlooked in the past. As the industry has advanced and standards and regulations have progressively become more comprehensive, welders have turned away from crude cardboard plugs and other dubious materials in favor of specially designed and engineered tools. Our three tenets of technology, invention, and innovation means we constantly strive to supply welders with only the best of these specialized tools.

Our I-Purge and I-PurgeX bladder systems create a tight seal while diffusing argon into the pipe. The pre-set relief valve combined with its diffuser guarantees that the bags maintain their seal while releasing a controlled shower of argon. This controlled release is vital to reduce turbulence in the purge chamber. Turbulence can cause too much gas to be used resulting in a poor purge and thus a poor weld.

Welders will encounter situations in which equipment such as the I-Purge and I-PurgeX will be irretrievable. Aquasol Water Soluble Paper and EZ Purge pre-formed water soluble dams are the perfect solution. Our Water Soluble Paper and Tape can be adhered to the pipe wall to create a seal for the purge chamber. Once the weld has been finished, the line can be flushed with water to completely dissolve the paper.

Companies are increasingly challenged to create sustainable solutions throughout the production process. Stakeholders and government agencies are demanding in-process procedures and final packaging reduce the organization’s carbon footprint. Aquasol Water Soluble Paper and EZ Purge pre-formed dams are 100% biodegradable and are EPA and CE approved.

Aquasol can assist Sustainability Efforts by designing unique water soluble solutions. Aquasol® Water Soluble Paper is derived from trees, a renewable resource, that dissolves in cold water, hot water, steam and most aqueous solutions.

There are times when purging will simply not be a reasonable option, such as with large tanks and shipbuilding. Fiback fiberglass backing tape can protect the backside without purging and the aluminum and fiberglass provide significant heat resistance to endure the intense temperatures of welding. It is best used when the backside is readily accessible for application and removal of the tape.

Aquasol offers many other innovative products that further our three tenets and our mission of advancing purging technology. We know just how crucial welding is and the many people and industries it affects. We’re proud our products can help improve the quality of work and efficiency in welding.

Despite the impact and importance of this field, the American Welding Society (AWS) has reported shortages of skilled laborers. They predict that there will be a shortage of 450,000 skilled workers by 2022. It is important for the industry to use National Welding Month to raise interest and awareness and promote education and training as well as all the benefits and career potential it can offer.

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