The Significance of Welding Preparation

Pure welds start with preparation.

Welding has been used in various industries for assembling metal for over 100 years. Though techniques and materials are improved every year to increase efficiency; one thing remains the same. That is the significance of welding preparation.

Despite the attempt to use a welding station that is stocked with cutting edge technology, the stages prior to welding remain the most important. It has been found that welders often neglect or perform this step with inappropriate techniques which can result with unsatisfactory outcomes. Pure welds start with weld preparation. In shops, dirt and grime accumulate rather quickly which can contaminate the purity of a weld. Cleaning the material beforehand, then, becomes a top priority as it helps to ensure a pure weld is achievable.

Below are some of the possible impurities and contaminations that can affect your weld, and Aquasol products that can be used to help prevent an impure or weak weld.


Porosity in welding is a contamination in the form of a trapped gas. Shielding gases or gases released as a result of the torch being applied to treated metal are absorbed into the molten metal and released as solidification takes place. In other instances, the shielding gas doesn’t completely reach the weld pool and the atmospheric air in return affects the weld bead.

porosity in welding

Welding Porosity can be caused by a contaminated surface. Any grease, oil or moisture content on a surface can contribute to the contamination. To eliminate the worry of contamination around the weld zone and to ensure a high-quality weld, Aquasol has developed EZ Wipes – industrial cleaning wipes. EZ Wipes’ concentrated cleaning liquid allows for easy removal of cutting fluid lubricants, oils, inks, grease and some adhesives. EZ Wipes combat the grime and dirt that gather on the filthiest of materials ensuring a clean environment for the purest of welds.

industrial cleaning wipes for welding


During the welding of steels, oxidation occurs in the weld seam if oxygen reaches this area unhindered. When a metal is contaminated with oxidation, it is no longer corrosion-resistant, and further treatment is necessary. One way to prevent oxidation is to use an oxygen monitor when purging a weld.

oxidation in welding

To eliminate the concern for oxidation, Aquasol has developed the PRO OX-100. The PRO OX- 100 programmable handheld digital oxygen monitor is designed to give operators the most precise oxygen level readings possible. It is internationally renowned for its highly advanced features and low- cost. It is a self-calibrating oxygen weld monitor with an internal pump that accurately measures down to 0.01% (100ppm) resolution, making it ideal for purging and other welding applications.

Though there are many other concerns when it comes to producing a pure weld, properly preparing the welding materials before beginning will improve the final weld quality.

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