Aquasol Corporation Launches Breakthrough APP Technology Oxygen Monitor

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Aquasol Corporation Launches Breakthrough APP Technology Oxygen Monitor

POM®-100B/POM®-5B Oxygen Monitor with APP Enabled Programmable Features

North Tonawanda, NY: The Aquasol Corporation, an advanced and innovative manufacturer of water-soluble consumables and other welding technologies, is proud to launch the POM®-100B/POM®-5B!  

The Aquasol Corporation is the first welding solutions company to launch an Oxygen Monitor with direct integration with Google, Appleplay and Windows. The POM® Connect app allows welders to control functions of the monitor through their smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer from up to 100 feet (30 M). 

This state-of-the-art technology delivers quantifiable reliable results capturing data in real-time; date stamped as well as graphic formats. Mike Hacikyan, President said “This new technology is a game changer”.  At Aquasol, we are always looking for ways to use technology to invent and innovate the next generation of products that can enhance welders’ productivity.  With real time data recorded, quality control is built-in.  Welding processes as a result are more efficient, controlled and reliable making adoption of the new technology process driven.”

Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows; the patent-pending POM®-100B/POM®-5B joins other well-known innovative brands in bringing the latest technology to welders’ fingertips. 

The downloadable POM® Connect APP can transform the POM®-100B/POM®-5B purging process, enabling viewing of Oxygen PPM in real time from a remote location using your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. View a real-time chart right from your Bluetooth device to improve the quality control process and productivity.

The POM®-100B/POM®-5B comes equipped with many advanced features such as its data logging capabilities, which allow operators to create infinite permanent records of real time data and export to Microsoft® Excel and plain text format.  Data collected from the oxygen monitor meets the strictest quality control requirements of nuclear and other highly regulated industries. This also provides traceability to the purging process with electronic records; an important part of the Quality Control process.  The automation of this aspect frees time and resources for other critical operations while at the same time enhancing operator effectiveness.


Its built-in smart system displays red, amber and green for quick visual on operators set parameters.  The traffic light’s universal appearance is easy and quick for operators and inspectors to understand, reducing the chance of error.  The long battery life and fast charging capabilities, operators get the most power in the least possible time.  That, coupled with dust and water proof construction means it can withstand unusual and severe environmental conditions without interfering with operation of the equipment.

With “Convertible Sensor Technology,” the POM-100B with 100 PPM resolution
converts to the POM-5B with an extremely precise 5 PPM oxygen resolution with a
simple factory addition of the sensor. This can be done after purchase as an “upgrade” affordably.

With Aquasol’s presence in over 90 countries, the POM®-100B/POM®-5B has built-in multi-language capabilities in four languages:  English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.  

The POM®-100B/POM®-5B Oxygen Monitor complements the entire Aquasol product line, which also consists of PRO-OX®-100, PRO-OX®-100B Oxygen Monitors, Aquasol Water Soluble Paper and Tape, EZ Purge® Pre-formed Purge Dams, I-Purge® and I-Purge®X Modular Inflatable Bladder Systems, EZ Zone® Tape and EZ Tape® Aluminum Welding Tapes, Fiback® Fiberglass Weld Backing Tape, SoluGap® Water Soluble and SteelSpace® Stainless Steel Socket Weld Spacer Rings, and SoluShim® Water Soluble Alignment Sticks. 

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Further details can be found at or by calling Aquasol customer service at 716-564-8888, U.S.

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